Skydiving in Mississippi

On three, get ready to jump with Gold Coast Skydivers near Mississippi. We have been in the skydiving business since 1993, so you know you are jumping with experienced and professional instructors. If you are in the Mississippi area, Gold Coast Skydivers offers a thrilling and once in a lifetime experience for all adrenaline junkies. We have top of the line skydiving instructors, state of the art equipment, and top-rated drop zones, so your skydiving experience is one of a kind. We take pride in making you feel safe while enjoying your exciting jump.

There isn't anything quite like jumping out of an airplane around a beautiful landscape. Gold Coast Skydivers goes out of the way to rate higher than competing skydiving companies. We succeed at being the best in the following areas:

  • We offer our skydivers a top-rated USPA Drop Zone.
  • The plane can fit four times as many people as our competitors,
  • The plane ride is thirty minutes shorter than other skydiving companies, so you don't have to wait for the main event. 
  • We offer higher altitude than our competitors, so your jump is the most thrilling experience of your life. 
  • We provide our customers better photo and video options, so you can treasure the experience for a lifetime. 
  • We even offer lower deposits than our competitors.

Let's go skydiving!

Our drop zone is rated number one globally, and all of our instructors are licensed with the United States Parachute Association. With Gold Coast, you will have a tandem skydiving option, which is perfect for first-time jumpers. Our tandem skydiving option gives you a ten-minute instruction and the comfort of knowing you are with an experienced jumper.

At Gold Coast Skydivers, our mission is to keep you safe while providing you with a fantastic and breathtaking experience. If you are near the Mississippi area, call Gold Coast Skydivers today to set up your chance to fly!

Amazing experience!!! Definitely recommend Gold Coast Skydivers for anyone's first time skydiving - or even if it's not the first time . The staff is really great - super professional and very experienced and really helped to calm my nerves - though some do get pretty upset when you touch their nuts. And the actual skydive was amazing. Will be back!!
Gwen Goldfish
My husband and i had a blast during our jump. it was an experience we will never forget.! so worth every penny.! and the view is absolutely breathtaking.
Genbook Verified Customer
Holy cow. Can’t begin to say how amazing this place is. The crew. Amazing. The support staff. Amazing. I was comfortable, encouraged, it was so amazing. Went with some friends (all of us are college students), when we couldn’t get an Uber back they literally drove us over an hour back home. It was so unbelievably amazing. I felt so safe. Not enough good things to say. Will be returning
Jeffrey Webb
Had a great experience! Everyone was very nice and professional! Can't wait to go back!
Paul Breaux
My first time skydiving to celebrate my birthday!!! Justin was awesome, patient, and very knowledgeable of the jump. I was a little nervous but he made everything better. It is worth the money!!! Everyone should experience this in their lifetime.  Thanks to Justin, Paul and Justin’s wife
Donna Johnson
Scratch one thing off my bucketlist
Had the best time of my life and a great instructor too. Been wanting to do things that I been scared to do and this was my first. Great experience and something I will never forget!
Genbook Verified Customer Verified Customer
Best skydive ever!
Leann and the group at Gold Coast are top notch. This has become an annual event for our family and we wouldn't do it anywhere else. Tandem jump instructors are first class and make your jump truly memorable and a great experience. Really a fantastic experience.
Genbook Verified Customer
Amazing Lifetime Encounter
Definitely an incredible experience. Something I have wanted to do for a long time and glad that I got to do it! LOVED the free fall and seeing the round rainbows in the clouds. Felt safe with my tandem partner. GREAT photos that I will cherish. Thanks again!
Genbook Verified Customer
Great Birthday Idea
Awesome time!! Staff is great, makes you feel at ease. Worth every penny. If you've never done it, make sure to get the video and pictures with it. Unbelievable feeling when you step out of that plane. Go for it, you won't be sorry.
Genbook Verified Customer
I can’t speak more highly of Gold Coast skydivers!!! Between their thoroughness, Professionalism, and attention to detail I would recommend them to anyone experienced or looking to make their first jump!!!

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