Face Your Fears with a Skydiving Experience

New Orleans Skydive

Whether you're the kind of person who feels uncomfortable on a tenth-story balcony or the very idea of being anywhere above ground level sends you into a cold sweat, overcoming the fear of heights can be a difficult and prolonged process. But if you're looking to speed up the process, and see how heights can be more fun than fearful, jumping out of a plane takes the concept of exposure to the extreme.

Face Your Fears
Many psychologists agree that confronting your fears can be a great way to make them far less intimidating - and can even help those struggling with a fear of heights to conquer their reaction to just about any situation. Though a fear of heights can be essentially formed from an evolutionary survival instinct, it just isn't practical for modern life.
If you want to make a dramatic change with impact, opting for skydiving can offer you a unique, exhilarating and exciting way to rip the band-aid off, helping your brain to see that those heights aren't scary, and even when your feet aren't on the ground you can be in complete control.

Get Those Endorphins
As with any type of extreme sport, skydiving carries great rewards when it comes to the way you feel - releasing all kinds of happy chemicals into your body, for those who are afraid of heights, skydiving can show that they are not to be feared in some cases; and in fact, can be a positive part of your life. Serotonin, Dopamine and Adrenaline are all released copiously when jumping out of a plane, making you feel great. Who doesn't want that?

Not only is this great for your brain thanks to all those great chemicals, it also shows you that you can overcome anything - even a completely rational fear of heights - in order to enhance your life and improve your wellbeing.

What are you waiting for? Book an amazing skydiving experience with Gold Coast Skydivers to face your fears and prove to yourself that you can overcome anything.