How Do Skydivers Know Where to Land?

How Do Skydivers Know Where to Land?  | Gold Coast Skydiving

Have you ever seen a YouTube video of skydivers landing in the middle of a target with seemingly effortless accuracy? Well, that level of perfection comes from a lot of experience and training to make sure that one can land safely and on point.

Skydiving Training

It probably isn’t a surprise, but you can’t land accurately while skydiving if you don’t have the proper training. The more you do anything, the better you’ll get at it, and the more seriously you take your instruction, the sooner you’re likely to achieve your goals. Landing accurately while skydiving all starts with the fundamentals. How to prepare for a jump, how to exit an aircraft, how a parachute’s deployed, how to manage your descent, etc. It’s all part of your essential training before learning how to land like the pros.

Skydivers Know Where to Land With Their Eyes

It’s all about your eyesight, from the moment it’s time to jump from the airplane to when you’re just about to land. In the skydiving world, this is called “spotting.” Spotting is the process of checking to see if you’re above the general vicinity of the landing ground. Understanding wind direction and speed are two other essential components of being able to land where you intend to while skydiving.

Hone Your Skills to Know Where to Land While Skydiving

At Gold Coast Skydiving, there’s a whole team of expert skydiving instructors to help you hone your skills so that you can land accurately while skydiving. Not only will you know where to land with your parachute, but you’ll also have the confidence to do it safely so that you can enjoy the experience of skydiving to the fullest. If you’re ready to be just like the YouTubers who land perfectly on their skydiving targets, then reach out to us today via phone call or email and get started on your journey!