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5 Tips You Need for Your First Skydive

Skydive New Orleans

If you're planning your first skydive, it can be easy to overthink all the steps you need to take; but if it's your dream to take that leap, it's all about the experience. When it comes to preparing yourself for the event, there are just a few simple steps you should consider.

1. Choose the Best Location for You
It might be easy to go with the most convenient location, but that doesn't always mean you're getting the best experience for your first jump. Instead, do some research and opt for somewhere with good reviews as well as somewhere that's the right size and scale for you.

2. Record Everything
Whether it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience or ongoing occurrence, you'll want to record your first skydive, because watching it back and sharing your experience is half the fun. Involving a videographer also gives you an extra person to hand that you can interact with, adding extra fun to your jump.

3. Know That it's Okay to be Nervous
Even the pros have moments of nervousness when it comes to making a jump, so as a newbie it's expected that you might need to take a breath, sit down or even have a moment before you begin the actual process. So long as you're able to make the jump, a little anxiety is standard.

4. Go as a Group
For larger jumps, going with friends and family not only provides moral support but also an excellent opportunity for bonding over a shared, fun and exhilarating activity. Going it alone can be scary, so that extra support can allow you to enjoy your day more.

5. Get Some Advice
If you're on your first jump, you'll likely be going up with people who are pros or just a bit more experienced, as well as instructors. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and if you have to check something for a second or third time, the people you're going with are more than used to it.

Thinking about trying skydiving for the first time? At Gold Coast Skydivers we always love to welcome new faces. Contact us today to find out more about our sites, skills and the jumps we offer.