When Can I Skydive Solo?

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When people think of skydiving, they’re usually thinking of the thrill of soaring through the air like a bird free from the worries of the world below. However, it’s important to understand that you won’t be skydiving alone if you’re inexperienced, especially if you’ve never skydived before. Skydiving requires a license, and getting a skydiving license takes dedicated safety education, experience with the sky, and respect for the process. For safety reasons, states and agencies don’t want people with zero experience jumping out of planes!

The Benefits of Tandem Skydiving

Some people, after their first tandem skydive, are already raring to go again, and it’s clear that they’ve caught the skydiving bug! Still, they might want to take things “up a notch” and become masters of their own dive. Though you’ll be able to rely on an experienced skydiving instructor during a tandem skydive, a solo skydive will require you to be responsible for your own jump, parachute deployment, and landing.

How To Skydive Solo

Skydiving alone is done after several hours of jump training, training which Gulf Coast Skydiving has mastered and taught to countless budding divers. You’ll receive thorough ground training in order to prepare you for flight and to complete your first solo skydive!

Instructors will accompany you on the first dive, but you will not be attached to them. After you are guided through freefall, you will then deploy your own chute and guide it to the ground. These are sort of the “training wheels” steps of skydiving. Once you’ve mastered the process under observation, you’ll be cleared to skydive alone. The best part is that after you’re cleared to self-supervise and skydive alone with your license, you’ll be able to skydive with other licensed skydivers, too.

Learn How to Skydive from the Best!

If you’re looking for the unbeatable freedom that comes with solo skydiving, then you’re among friends with us. Gold Coast Skydiving has been educating first-time solo skydivers for years in safe and fun operations and executions of their dives. If you’re looking to become one with the clear blue sky, reach out to us via phone call or email to learn more about how we can help you embrace your inner eagle!