Skydiving in the Winter

Tips for skydiving in the winter Tandem skydiving during the winter season calls for far more tha...

Winer Time Skydive

Tandem skydiving during the winter season calls for far more than just suiting up to brave the cold. Chilling temperatures require you to be mentally and physically prepared.
First-time skydivers especially may need a bit more prepping to enjoy the adventure. At Gold Coast Skydivers our goal is to prepare you for your best jump experience ahead of time with these tips:

Layer up
Temperatures at altitudes of 13000 -14000 feet are about 30 degrees colder than on the ground during winter. Even a little bit of excess wind can take the cold up a few notches. Conquer this by wearing several layers of winter clothing to stay warm.

Go fleece
Thermal layers made from fleece or other fabrics that lock in heat are highly recommended. Fleece is lightweight, fits well, provides optimum heat, and locks out moisture to keep you warm and dry. And for skydiving sake, leave the puffy winter coat at home.

Don’t forget the jump pants
You’re not ready to skydive until you’re clad in the jump pants tailored for this sport. Top off your layers with one of our wind-resistant jump pants for an added layer of protection against the cold. Not to mention, the jump pants make you look like a pro.

Gloves! Please!
Fingers and toes can easily get frostbites and being at high altitudes increase the chance of this happening. In addition to a tried and a tested pair of gloves, we recommended you bring along glove liners for some extra warmth.

Keep feet warm 
Wearing the right shoes and socks as you prepare for your free fall can make a huge difference in your winter skydiving experience. Wear a fitted pair of shoes such as a pair of light, snug sneakers or athletic shoes. Along with warm socks, your feet should be ready for the chilly adventure.

Flying through the sky at around 120 miles per hour on a nippy day could bring on the shivers. If you’re one of those brave-hearted thrill seekers not afraid of skydiving in the winter, then call us at 1-800-796-7117 to make a reservation. Our tandem instructors have years of training and experience to keep you safe in the sky. So just chill and enjoy the dive.

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