Skydiving Weather - What's Good & What's Bad

Safety is a primary concern when skydiving, and the weather is a major factor in this. Before you go...

What is the Right Weather for Skydiving

Safety is a primary concern when skydiving, and the weather is a major factor in this. Before you go skydiving, it's helpful to know what good and bad skydiving weather may look like, just so you can be informed and have an understanding of any delays that may happen. Here's what you can expect in terms of weather when you go skydiving.

Good Skydiving Weather

The best skydiving weather is also what you would typically think of when you consider a pleasant spring or summer day. The sky should be clear, the weather should be warm, and there should be a very light breeze, ideally blowing in a direction that lines up with your landing spot. When the weather is good, skydiving is not only more fun, but it's also safer.

Bad Skydiving Weather

There are several different conditions that can affect your skydiving trip. The first is strong winds. The wind can make it difficult for you to control your parachute and land in the right place. Rain and extreme cold can also have a negative effect on your skydiving experience. While you can technically still dive in cold temperatures, they may not be safe to be outside in at all. Temperatures are colder in the sky than on the ground, so it can be very dangerous to skydive even when it's relatively warm on the ground. Finally, heavy cloud cover can also negatively affect your skydiving experience. Light clouds are fine and might even make your trip a bit more exciting, but when the cloud cover is so heavy it's difficult to see the ground, skydiving can be very dangerous.

How We Monitor Skydiving Weather

To make sure that it's safe to skydive, we have to monitor the weather very closely. We check for temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, and more. Not only do we look at the current conditions, but we also look at future conditions, as the weather is always changing, and the weather between your takeoff time and the time you are planning on jumping could be different.

Being aware of the weather helps us keep you safe while you're in the air. However, when you go skydiving on a beautiful day, you'll understand why it's such a special experience.

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