Make Skydiving Your New Years Resolution!

New year is the perfect time to take on new challenges and skydiving is the ultimate way to prove to...

Skydiving for New Years

New year is the perfect time to take on new challenges and skydiving is the ultimate way to prove to yourself that you are brave enough to conquer any obstacle that gets in your way! Skydiving is not only fun, it gives you a newfound sense of confidence you may not have had before. Here are three reasons why you should join us at Gold Coast Skydiving and make skydiving your new year's resolution for 2019.

1. Skydiving is a Rush

Nothing in life can compare to the rush of free-falling from a plane high above the ground. Whether you skydive by yourself or with a partner, you are completely free as you descend toward the Earth, pulling the ripcord to open your chute before you reach the drop zone. Whether you are a first-time skydiver or an adrenaline junkie, this rush makes all the fear and nerves you might feel beforehand totally worth it. It is an incredible feeling to be out there in the open air, which makes it a great way to spend part of your new year!

2. Skydiving Gives you Confidence

As mentioned previously, skydiving can strike fear into the hearts of even the biggest risk-takers. To allow yourself to be completely at the mercy of the winds for those few moments before you reach the ground is the ultimate way to embrace the unpredictable. To be able to say that you were brave enough to go skydiving is a great way to boost your confidence - something everyone could use more of in the new year. If you can skydive, you can do anything!

3. Skydiving is Perfectly Safe

Gold Coast Skydivers has been in operation since 1993 and has some of the best-qualified instructors in the skydiving industry. Each jump is carried out in the safest way possible. Skydivers are trained for their jumps, and those who do not want to jump alone can jump in tandem with their instructor. There is no reason to be afraid when skydiving - you just concentrate on feeling the rush while the instructors take care of the rest!

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