Our Instructors

Gold Coast Skydivers has some of the most experienced instructors in the skydiving industry. They average over 20 years experience. Meet some of the most talented instructors in the New Orleans area:

Mike Igo

In Loving Memory 3 May 1952 - 21 April 2010

Mike made his first jump when he joined the U.S. Marines in 1969 and fell in love with the sport. In April 1993 Mike founded Gold Coast Skydivers. Through Gold Coast Skydivers he has moved and inspired thousands of people around the world. Mike passed away shortly after he was diagnosed with cancer. Mike will forever be missed at Gold Coast Skydivers.

Leanne Smith

Drop Zone Owner

Freefall Coach Leanne started skydiving in 1998. She was in the Air Force 10 years but got stationed in Mississippi and fell in love with the people at Gold Coast and decided to call it home. Leanne says "the thing she likes most about Gold Coast is the people are like her family and no one is a stranger. No matter how many jumps you have or what your skydiving preference is, you are welcome just the same."