Why do people skydive?

For some, the prospect of skydiving is terrifying. The idea of plunging thousands of feet after jump...

Why do people skydive? The answers might surprise you.

For some, the prospect of skydiving is terrifying. The idea of plunging thousands of feet after jumping from a moving plane seems like madness. However, it might surprise you to hear that it is that element of risk that makes it such an attractive prospect. It isn't the only surprise that skydiving has to offer.

What is the Rush?
Probably the first thing that you will hear when asking someone what skydiving is like they will tell you that it is a rush. However, what is the rush? Physiologically speaking, it is probably the feeling of a severe spike of adrenaline as the sensation of freefall triggers a flight-or-fight response. However, when skydiving neither of those two reactions are really possible as you fall toward the earth. Instead, all that you can do is experience time slowing down and your senses becoming heightened even as you have so many new and unique sensations to enjoy.

A Taste of True Freedom
No matter how much or how little freedom you enjoy in your life, there are certain forces you will never escape... such as gravity. The curious freedom of freefall is very difficult to describe if you haven't experienced it for yourself. Although it may be terrifying at first, there is a moment for everyone where equilibrium is reached and your distress is alleviated by a complete feeling that the forces that are pushing you down no longer have any hold on you. Although freefall may only be a minute long, it will be a minute unlike any of the countless minutes you experience in the rest of your life. It is this taste that keeps skydivers coming back for more.

A Skydiving Lifestyle
Even those who have skydived several times and grown used to the adrenaline rush don't get bored with it. Instead, it becomes a lifestyle where you can escape from the reality of everyday existence. It gives you a new perspective both literally and figuratively, as everyone's problems look small at 13,000 feet. No matter what you may be worried about, those worries will melt away when you are in free fall above a beautiful landscape.

Why do People Skydive?
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