When you Skydive, Can you Breathe?

It might seem like a silly question, but when you’re falling through the air faster than ever ...

It might seem like a silly question, but when you’re falling through the air faster than ever before and have a high amount of adrenaline pounding through your veins, one can easily understand the question, “Can you really breathe while skydiving?”

Thankfully, the answer is: Yes!

If you couldn’t breathe while skydiving, then you wouldn’t be able to last long enough to make it safely to the ground or even deploy your parachute without looking like a scuba diver! Now, have you ever seen anyone skydiving like they were late for lunch with a whale? Probably not (though we’d love to see the video if you have)!

Instead, when people skydive, they’re able to talk normally and naturally like any other event. Of course, with all of the wind noise, you’ll not be heard at all, and you’re likely to get a big mouthful of air if you’re not expecting it. Even if you dove through the blue with your favorite headphones on, you’d need to turn them up to dangerous levels for even the hope of hearing anything through them. This is why professional skydivers communicate with hand gestures and even eye contact when coordinating jumps. Sometimes, this lack of ability to talk audibly makes it look like divers must be holding their breath and are just pantomiming talking, or shouting. However, there’s no fear at all when it comes to breathing while skydiving.

Though you are high above sea level, the air moving so fast will be easy to inhale and exhale. Passing out during skydiving is no more likely than passing out just walking around on the ground for the average person. Plus, your dives will always be accompanied by a professional to make sure that everyone lands safe and sound while having a good time in the air!

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