Paragliding on the Couch

Gold Coast Skydiving is known to attract people from all over Louisiana. For many, sky diving is the ultimate thrill and on many bucket lists. A close second to sky diving might be paragliding.

Thrill-seekers will either applaud or gasp in shock over Hasan Kaval's decision to paraglide from his couch! Yes--from his couch! Imagine sitting on your sofa, watching The Walton's while soaring in the sky?

Kaval, a skilled paragliding instructor from Izmit, Turkey, describes himself as a true couch potato. He recently made the bold choice of combining his passion for watching TV on his couch and paragliding. Kaval took to the skies on his couch with his TV over the beautiful landscapes of southwest Turkey.

His video shows that he is not even strapped in. Putting new meaning to the phrase, "Don't try this at home!" Kaval attached wheels and a parachute to his sofa, as well as a footstool, TV, and a lamp. Kaval ensured the public that he was perfectly safe, despite not being strapped in.

His video shows a relaxed Kaval, eating chips, enjoying a beverage, and browsing various television channels. His video has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube, and while some find his stunt dangerous, many find him to be fearless and creative.

While Gold Coast Skydiving would never recommend paragliding on your sofa without safety straps, Kaval's experience gives those seeking a new thrill the ability to live vicariously through his video.

Not ready to try paragliding on your sofa? Gold Coast Skydiving offers people the chance to skydive safely! Nothing is as thrilling as jumping out of a plane!