These movies will get you pumped to skydive

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Are you going skydiving soon? It's time to get excited - skydiving is an incredible experience that many people find life-changing. The adrenaline rush and the beauty of flying will result in memories that last a lifetime. With your skydiving trip coming up, you're probably getting excited, and watching skydiving movies can add to that excitement. Here are some of the best skydiving movies to watch.

Gypsy Moths
This was one of the first skydiving movies ever made, and they used filming techniques to capture the experience of skydiving that wasn't often used at the time. The drama follows a team of traveling skydivers, and the movie features stunning freefall shots that were taken by an actual skydiver.

Point Break
This action movie features many different types of daredevil antics, but there's one skydiving scene in it that many people credit with inspiring them to skydive. It's not particularly realistic, but it captures the excitement of skydiving perfectly.

Terminal Velocity
This movie was not the most polished in terms of plot or acting, but the action scenes in this movie are top-notch, and there are several skydiving scenes among them. There's also an espionage element to this movie that makes it more fun and far-fetched.

Drop Zone
This is a fun story that's action-packed and makes for a great watch. Although the plot is a little silly, it was developed by experienced skydivers, which means better, more accurate skydiving scenes than in other action movies. The movie is also very pro-skydiving, which you don't always find in the action and thriller genres.

Cut Away
This was a made-for-TV movie that was developed by a professional skydiver. The plot is silly, but the skydiving scenes and characters are very accurate, so it will really get you excited to go out and try it for yourself. This one was the most recently released of the action movies on this list, so it has the most modern camera work and special effects.

Sunshine Superman
If you like documentaries, this is a must-watch that's all about skydiving. It chronicles the life of Carl Boenish, who was one of the first people to attempt many base-jumping feats that are popular today.