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End 2018 with a....JUMP!

New Orleans Skydiving

Christmas is a great time for giving back to family and friends who have helped and supported us all year, but sometimes it's hard to think of exciting new gifts to give to some of our nearest and dearest. More and more people are now choosing to give the gift of once in a lifetime experiences instead of physical presents, so why not consider the exhilarating gift of a skydive with Gold Coast Skydivers?

Why choose skydiving?
Skydiving is one of the top-rated bucket list experiences across the globe as well as one of the most popular ways to raise money for charities, mainly because it is usually only ever done once in a person's lifetime. Obviously jumping out of a plane is not an everyday activity for most and even though it can be intimidating, it is an enthralling experience that jumpers will never forget!

For some people, the thought of heights is terrifying, and a great way to get over the fear is to literally dive into it. The adrenaline rush that each jumper gets is among the top reasons people return time and time again to do more and more jumps. Many even overcome their fear of heights entirely after their first jump! For those who aren't afraid of heights, but are looking for the ultimate thrill, what could possibly be more thrilling than jumping out of a plane?

Do I have to have any prior experience?
You do not need any prior experience at all to do a jump with us. At Gold Coast Skydivers we have over 20 years experience and have a staff made up of some of the industry's most experienced instructors who can assist all jumpers, no matter their level.

For first-timers and beginner level jumpers, we offer a tandem jump where you are strapped safely to an instructor so that you can enjoy the whole experience without having to worry about the technical aspects of the jump. This allows jumpers to experience the adrenaline rush without any prior experience. For those who are more experienced jumpers, we can accommodate and provide equipment to assist in the jump.