7 Great Reasons to Take the Leap & Go Skydiving!

If you’ve ever thought about skydiving, you’re probably already someone who’s not ...

Reasons to Go Skydiving

If you've ever thought about skydiving, you’re probably already someone who’s not afraid of adventure. But if you’re at all in doubt, here are 7 reminders of why you should definitely give skydiving a try.

#1 An Experience Like No Other
There really isn’t anything to compare to the experience of skydiving. The feeling of freefall, the power of the wind, and that epic sense of freedom are probably the closest you can get to flying. And who doesn’t want to fly?

#2 A Boost to Your Self-Confidence
The idea of trusting your own courage and doing something that takes all that bravery will make you feel like you can conquer the world. It’s a very empowering experience. You’ll be flying high long after your feet are safely back on the ground.

#3 You’ll Have a Great Story to Tell
When you meet new people on your other adventures, you can brag about your experience. It’s also a great topic to impress a first date. Show everyone that you’re a brave thrill seeker because you do things so many others are afraid to do.

#4 Make Your Friends Jealous
Get all the likes on Instagram and Facebook! Post pictures of your adventures and make everyone wish they were there too. Maybe you’ll even inspire friends to try out skydiving for themselves.

#5 The Air is Better Up There
Believe it or not, the air is actually cooler up there. At altitude, the temperature is about 20 degrees cooler than on the ground, which makes skydiving a great summer activity to beat the heat. Imagine the rush of the wind, the cool open air, and all that beautiful sky!

#6 Amazing Views
Speaking of the beautiful sky—you’ll not only have a great view of the clouds up there, but you’ll also be in them! Looking down from that far gives you a bird’s eye view of the world below. You’ll see all that beautiful land, and lakes and mountains like you’ve never seen them before.

#7 It’s Actually Safe
If you’re still a bit jittery thinking about jumping from a plane far above the earth with nothing but a parachute, you’re not alone. But skydiving is actually very safe! It’s a highly regulated sport, you’ll be jumping with an expert and you’re actually more likely to be struck by lightning than injured skydiving.

Well, what are you waiting for? Book your first jump today!

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