What is Tandem Skydiving?

Tandem Skydive New Orleans

First-time skydivers typically opt for a tandem dive because it is safer and allows them to enjoy the dive without having to worry about the logistics of the jump. A tandem dive simply means that the beginner is strapped to a more experienced instructor who has many years of experience skydiving.

The instructor is able to time the jump from the plane and handle all steering while in the air, as well as navigate the landing. As skydive enthusiasts become more experienced, they may wish to take a solo jump, but, for first-time jumpers, a tandem dive is always recommended.

While a solo jump is a possible option for your first jump, you will first need to complete a considerable amount of training. Jumping tandem on your initial jump can help you to enjoy the ride even more. Our clients tell us that they prefer the tandem jump, because it enables them to enjoy the experience a lot more!

The guide is able to point out areas of interest and you can spend your time soaking up the feeling of free-falling and then gliding through the air without having to navigate the wind currents and direct the parachute to the landing zone.

After a 10-minute instruction course, you will be ready to embark on your skydiving adventure. Beginners are harnessed to the instructor and they both jump under one parachute, with the instructor always in control. If you are interested in trying skydiving but are also a little bit nervous about the idea of jumping out of a plane, tandem is the way to go!

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