What Does Skydiving Feel Like?

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A common question for sure, though not always easy to answer, is what will skydiving feel like? It not only differs from person to person, but it also depends on how new the skydiver is to the experience. Many people find themselves pleasantly surprised once their feet touch the earth that no matter how much they dreamed of the feelings, skydiving surpassed their wildest expectations.

For some, skydiving is the thrill they've always been chasing, and they fall in love with the experience. For others, skydiving, paradoxically, feels like a form of meditation. Regardless of each, skydiving delivers a feeling of freedom that represents a common thread running through the emotions of each skydiver as they sail through the clouds.

What Does Skydiving Feel Like Physically?

The physical sensations that come with the initial plane ride into the wild blue yonder start with a few bumps and jostles. A smaller plane will experience more turbulence than a larger plane, but that's only temporary. You plan on leaving it far behind you soon enough.

The leap from the door is when things really change; the sudden sensation of wind on your body encourages you to brace yourself for the best ride of your life. You cut through the air, faster as the clouds cheer you on until it's time to deploy your parachute. After it's deployed, you'll make your way to the ground in a rather soothing descent until the sensations of feet on soil bring you back to normalcy. However, you're not the same person that rode the plane up; the feelings of adrenaline and calm still linger in your body, reminding you of the adventure you just had in the sky.

Does Skydiving Feel Like Falling?

Surprisingly, skydiving doesn't really feel much like falling at all, especially how we associate it on the ground. Skydiving feels more like flying than falling, especially once you start to pick up speed. The noise increases and the wind carries your body as it makes its way back to earth. Once your parachute deploys, the natural sensations of air moving against your face will feel like a caress as you're triumphantly lowered down and down, a new conqueror of the sky.

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