Does a skydiving landing hurt?


Many new skydivers question how the landing works. Does it hurt? Is it dangerous? While skydiving is always a risk, the landing is controlled by the parachute, so you should not experience any pain. Most skydiving landings are gentle, and the skydiver touches down either on their feet or on their bottom. Skydivers are instructed to land into the wind when possible, which also helps keep the landing as gentle as possible.

Some people believe the skydiving landing lacks control when, in reality, today's parachutes are much more advanced and allow for a softer landing. There are a couple of things to know about your upcoming skydiving landing:

  • You should reduce descent and forward motion as you approach the ground.
  • You should try to land on your feet or your bottom.

Remembering these two things will allow you to have a comfortable landing. When you are on a tandem skydiving, the landing process is managed by your instructor, so your landing is even more comfortable since you have an experienced skydiver with you. The most important part of landing is to remember to lift your legs.

Gold Coast Skydivers wants your entire experience to be safe, fun, and comfortable. So when you think about how hard your landing will be, remember it should not be any harder than you jumping from a chair to the ground. Depending on the wind, our instructors will suggest that you slide into your landing on your bottom. As always, it is important to listen to your instructor and their skydiving instructions.