Afraid of Heights? Jump Out Of A Plane!

It may seem counter-intuitive to deal with your fear of heights by jumping out of a plane. However, ...

Face your Fears by Skydiving

It may seem counter-intuitive to deal with your fear of heights by jumping out of a plane. However, for many people, jumping off a plane is exactly what they need to feel more comfortable in the air. After all, facing your fears is one of the best ways to make them feel less scary and more normal. Here's why you should consider skydiving to help you get rid of a fear of heights.

You'll get an adrenaline rush

Of course, the first time you skydive, you will most likely be very nervous. Don't read into it - it's normal to be nervous even for people who aren't afraid of heights. However, after you finish skydiving, you will get a wonderful rush of adrenaline and satisfaction. This amazing feeling of having conquered your fear will give you a wonderful boost of confidence.

It will help you feel more in control

We tend to fear the things we can't control, which is why flying and heights are so scary to people. As humans, we are actually born with a fear of heights. This means that it's a fear that's a bit more difficult to deal with than others because we can't point to one experience that caused our fear of heights. After skydiving, you will feel much more in control when you are in the air because you will have a better idea of the mechanics of flying.

Once you're in the air, you won't feel it

Many people are surprised to find that once they step off of the plane, their fear of heights isn't a factor in their dive. This is because when you skydive, it doesn't really feel like you are falling - it feels more like you are flying, with the support of the air under your wings. The fact that the ground is so far away can also help make it easier. We have a minimal perception of depth when we're up in the air, so it feels less scary.

If you're scared of heights but are looking for a challenge, skydiving is the perfect way to deal with it. Not only will it help you face your fear, but you might find a new activity that you really enjoy.

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