When is the Best Time to go Skydiving?

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If you are just getting started out skydiving it is natural that you would approach it with an excess of caution. One of the most common concerns we hear from beginning skydivers is that they may think that it is the wrong time of year to attempt a jump. To help you make that fateful decision, today we are discussing what part of the year is best to book the first flight.

Taking The Plunge In Winter
While it may not be the first choice for novice divers, there may be many reasons why you should choose winter for your first jump. One obvious advantage is that the bookings tend to be down and it would not be difficult to get the day and time of your choice. While it can be a little chillier, it is not much colder as you would think as higher altitudes can make you shiver year-round. Winter weather may also result in clearer skies and more jump-friendly weather conditions.

Getting Started In The Springtime
Spring may be one of the skydiver's favorite seasons and can be advantageous in a number of ways. Some of the most fantastic skydiving pictures are taken during this season, as clear conditions and distant clouds make the sky a picturesque environment. However, unpredictable weather can sometimes make booking dates for spring a little more difficult.

Summer And Autumn Bookings May Draw A Crowd
While summer is obviously the busiest season of the year, you would also be surprised to hear that autumn can also draw quite a crowd. The positive of this is that you will have ample opportunities to socialize with jumpers of all experience levels, but booking the date and time you want may be challenging. Summer's longer days and operating hours may provide better opportunities and weather, but early fall bookings just as the leaves are turning provide an indescribable spectacle that needs to be seen to be believed.

Are you excited about booking your first skydiving session? We are just as excited to book it for you. Contact Gold Coast Skydiving today for more information on how our tandem instructors can make your first jump a safe and comfortable experience.